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Configure your local sandbox database container from your Azure environment in Azure SQL

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Configure a local sandbox DB from an AZ environment

Sometimes we need to create a sandbox environment to do some testing before we push it into our company main Dev repository, we need to do some unit testing while developing our database changes; to do so we need to replicate the testing environment to have it in our local machines. In the following note we will work with a cloud database from an Azure SQL that is in a serverless tier and will create a copy, prepare it for our container environment testing, connect it, and do some local tasks to poor in some data tests inside it.

These are the steps that will be followed to complete the task:

domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2022

Outstanding Recap news for Azure Data Platform releases in IGNITE 2022

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Noticias sobre Ignite 2022

El MS Ignite 2022 nos ha dejado muchas sorpresas para todas las categorias de producto, sinembargo la idea es enforcarme en las noticias relevantes para la plataforma de datos con mucho que hablar sobre Azure SQL y las herramientas. Vale la pena mencionar de ellas las que mas destacan y sobre todo... en español!.

Aqui vamos...

Sobre la plataforma de datos Azure 😀

Azure Cosmos DB para Posgres

Lo mas esperado es el hecho que ahora Azure Cosmos DB introduce a PostgreSQL con soporte en Hyperscale agregando extensión de desarrollo Citus a Microsoft. Para desarrollo como Cloud Native.


  • Integración a Azure RBAC.
  • Archivos de 16 MB.
  • Integración con Azure Key Vault.
  • Escalabilidad multi-región y distribucion a cualquier Azure Region.
  • Escalabilidad elastica de almacenamiento en Azure Region.
  • Integación a multiples APIS dentro de Cosmos como: MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, Apache Gremlin, y Table.
  • Indexación automatica de los datos sin importar el modelo de datos en un ambito sin esquema.
  • Integración nativa con Azure Synapse Link, permitiendo reducir la complejidad sin trabajos ETL.

viernes, 26 de marzo de 2021

How to Create a SQL Server in Containers with WSL2

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How to Configure WSL for Containers

The Windows Subsystem Linux version 2 feature allows the integration of different Linux distributions to be managed in Windows through the hyper-v hypervisor. The WSL2 difference than just being merely virtual machines, this feature allows a real integration with Windows host O.S. by accesing the resources, accessing Windows API’s, allowing executing bash shells, and having full compatilibity with Windows O.S. kernel.

Requirements for WSL

  • 64 Bit Windows 10.04 O.S.

  • VT-X Bios Enabled

  • Virtual Machine Platform feature enabled

  • (Additionally) Docker Requirements:

  • SLT or Second Level Adress Translation

viernes, 5 de marzo de 2021

Configure Nvidia CUDA with WSL2 for SQL Server in Containers

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Using NVidia CUDA Toolkit for SQL Server in Containers in WSL2.

NVidia has developed the CUDA Toolkit library designed for developers, aimed to efficiently use the hardware resources. The CUDA Toolkit provides a different set of tools as well as programming guidelines for the different programming languages for the interoperability with the hardware.

Now NVida has released in the v11.2.1 a surprise that is a CUDA on WSL.

This feature is designed for the WSL Images to use of the GPU’s resource.

This is a great impowering for NVIDIA users to utilize their resources in their Windows Subsystem Linux boxes.

Setting up the CUDA Toolkit

First we will Open the Windows Terminal and get inside the WSL default box that we require to configure.

NOTE: This example is configured for distributions based on Apt.

Because the purpose for this excersise is to configure SQL Server in Containers using WSL2, then the distro to use here is Ubuntu, so that the Apt will work here.

Secondly will configure the CUDA repository keys and update the list to re

jueves, 26 de noviembre de 2020

Speaking in VGs about WSL2 for Database Development Environment

In this 2020 I've had the oportunity to talk about WSL2 and its uses for databases (Specially for SQL Server). It is always a good chance to contribute to the community, and in that search you always want to explain as many tools and technics as you possibly can. I've encounter myself in this dilema, while trying to explain step by step the use of Containers for SQL server and the visual tools around it.

In this effort trying to show the use of Visual Studio Code and Azure Data Studio as primary tools around the use of Containers for SQL Server for some time now. This year I've tried to incorporate the use of Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL2) as a real interface to use Containers instead of the traditional Docker Distros (Boot2Docker and MobyLinux). Using WSL2 interacting in both worlds Linux and windows as a host OS, creating scenarios for data use in stateful solutions to have data persistance for containerized pactices in your coding.

sábado, 26 de septiembre de 2020

Participando para COECYS 2020

Participando por segunda vez para el Congreso de Ciencias y Sistemas (COECYS), participar para mi Alma-mater es muy especial. Realmente apoyar en la medida de lo posible a las nuevas generaciones de estudiantes en las mismas aulas que uno habito es muy bueno. En este tiempo tan complejo, es interesante ver como COECYS ha cambiado, tambien es importante ver que es una oportunidad para ampliar la gama de expositores hacia espacios internacionales, pero mas importante que sea en pro de un alto nivel academico.


COECYS XX - 2020 | Congreso de Estudiantes de Ciencias y Sistemas 

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2020

I'm Speaking at SQL Saturday 1016 - Sao Paulo

With all that had happened this year, it is good to see that SQL Saturday still goes on for the region, it is great to be at this event!. It's applaudable the effort made by the local team to make this event happen.

lunes, 24 de agosto de 2020

Being at the Canonical - WSL Conf 2020

I'm honored and happy to participate at the WSL2 Conf!. A few months ago Microsoft has launched the WSL2 and Canonical has embraced it with effort and joy, in the second edition of WSL Conf Canonical has invited a pool of guest speakers of different nationalities and specialties to share collective knowledge on the subject for the comunity in which Im happy and thrilled to be part of.

Windows Subsystem Linux has a lot of potential to offer to the Windows world, by bringing the Open Source world to the Windows system as guest, infinity of possiblities are opened, as a part of that inclusion SQL Server is in those posibilities.

jueves, 4 de junio de 2020

Winning the MVP Award

It’s been quite a week and surprisingly good news receiving this prestigious award.  I feel very honored and happy. I can remember the work made for the community and all the path behind me, In which without a doubt I couldn’t have done without the help and support of all my work friends specially my community colleges specially Carlos Robles who have mentored me and help me all the way.