lunes, 24 de agosto de 2020

Being at the Canonical - WSL Conf 2020

I'm honored and happy to participate at the WSL2 Conf!. A few months ago Microsoft has launched the WSL2 and Canonical has embraced it with effort and joy, in the second edition of WSL Conf Canonical has invited a pool of guest speakers of different nationalities and specialties to share collective knowledge on the subject for the comunity in which Im happy and thrilled to be part of.

Windows Subsystem Linux has a lot of potential to offer to the Windows world, by bringing the Open Source world to the Windows system as guest, infinity of possiblities are opened, as a part of that inclusion SQL Server is in those posibilities.

Microsoft has developed a vast of infrastructure tools aimed for data platform by really empowering the data speciallist as a part of the growth of the Cloud approach. With SQL Server on Linux, Microsoft has expanded their crown jewel (SQL Server) more to the Linux systems, now having a robust and virtually the same product engine of SQL Server in Linux we can now say we have a product to set on Linux.

On other notes, for some time Docker has been part of the Windows ecosystem, however in the initial versions it didn't have all the capabilities as much as the product has for the GNU and BSD world. Now with the new enhacenments to the WSL2 version we have a more compatible interface between the subsystems, having native calls and CLI integration, bash and filesystem integrations and many more goods.

Bringing all these components together, we can have database for the development in our Windows environment, adopting Dev essential tools for the Dev world these days.

As a dataplatform representative, I will be speaking some of these details of how to take benefit of SQL Server inside WSL2.

WSL Conf

microWSLConf 2020 | Hopin

Join us September 9th/10th to celebrate the Windows Subsystem for Linux during the worldwide microWSLConf 2020. WSLConf is the first and only community conference dedicated to Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is honoured to host a second virtual conference to unite our thriving and diverse community.

Here is the media content for the participation on WSL2 Conf

It was a titanic experience coordinated by the Canonical team, who made this event possible...

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